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Showler Physiotherapy Peterborough

Peterborough's specialist physio service

Find us in Bannatyne Gym, Werrington

We are a clinic of expert physiotherapists who use our advanced treatment skills to cure your pain.


We treat a wide range of people with conditions including back, neck and joint pain.

We take pride in improving the lives of every one of our patients. 

Relive pain. 

Enhance movement. 

Increase function

Our Practice and Clinicians

We are a Peterborough based, family run clinic who have treated our patients for over 20 years. Our physio practice is based inside Bannatyne Gym, Werrington. 


Why Showler Physiotherapy?

Our expert physios use breakthrough medical research as well as our collective 35 years experience to give you the highest quality of care.  Just ask one of the 10,000+ Peterborough residents who have used our services.

What happens in an appointment?

You are welcomed by our friendly reception team who check you in


We  take you too the clinic room

We listen to your problem and how it impacts your life 

We complete a comprehensive examination

You receive your treatment


I woke up with back pain and booked an emergency appointment. After the session my back pain had completely gone

A friend recommended this practice when I hurt my shoulder playing golf. A couple of weeks treatment and I am back to normal

I was made to feel very relaxed during the appointment and the physio was very knowledgable


07973 738 789

Open 7 days a week

Evening appointments available

Showler Physiotherapy

Bannatyne Gym

Papyrus Road



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