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About Us

Showler Physiotherapy was founded in 1999 and remains a family run clinic. Our clinic has two main objectives. Firstly we provide the highest quality treatment, see our google reviews for proof. Secondly to give clients the best experience possible. This starts as soon as you enter the door with our amazing reception staff welcoming you in with a smile on their face.

Our team of Physiotherapists are all experts in their field. But they are also amazing people who will make you feel relaxed. We understand many of you have not been to see a physiotherapist before. At our clinic there are no white lab coats, no medical jargon and we only ever provide true transparancy. You can read more about our team below!


Meet The Team

Jake Showler
Chartered Physiotherapist
Peterborough and Stamford

Jake works at both our Peterborough and Stamford clinics. Jake is currently training towards the Virtruvian Triathlon with a background in semi-professional football.  In Winter he also goes skiing in the Alps. His partner has also banned him from buying any more houseplants as they are taking over the house! He also enjoys gardening although admits these skills need sharpening. He is a member of a local golf club playing off a handicap of 8.

Clinically Jake is an expert clinician with many years experience in both the private sector and NHS. He has vast experience working alongside some of the top surgeons in the country to ensure the best treatment for patients. 

Paul Showler
Chartered Physiotherapist

Paul is based at our Peterborough clinic. Paul is an avid golfer playing of a handicap of 1.  At home he can regularly be seen running round the garden playing with his dog Moose. Prior to his degree, Paul was a professional footballer playing for clubs including Bradford and Sheffield Wednesday. He also has represented England as a semi-professional.

Paul has over 30 years experience as a consultant physiotherapist starting off as Peterborough United Football Club's head physiotherapist. Outside of his clinic he works alongside elite football players struggling with repeat injury. Paul is a biomechanical specialist treating members of the public as well as athletes.

Purkash Jandu
Chartered Physiotherapist

Kash works at our Derby clinic. Kash is a member at ONE|DZ where our Derby clinic is located and will regularly be seen using the gym. Having a previous knee surgery from a football injury, Kash understands the frustrations during recovery and has first hand experience of recovery and return to sports and activities. Kash is building up his running and hopes to run a marathon in the near future. Kash is an avid Derby County supporter and often puts himself through the ups and downs of going to watch 'the Rams'.


Alongside work at our clinic Kash works as an NHS Senior Specialist Physiotherapist working with Upper Limb/ Lower Limb Injuries and leading the  hydrotherapy rehabilitation. Kash has valuable experience working with a range of different clients, from the general public to elite athletes.

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