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Back Physiotherapy

Get back to full function our physiotherapy clinic.

Back Physiotherapy

Back physiotherapy aims to restore normal function of the spine following injury or pain. This involves use of treatments including mobilisation, exercise and manual therapy. We treat injuries following traumatic accidents such as a fall or bending over. Injuries can also build up over time leading to back pain. Our physiotherapists have vast experience working with the general population, amateur athletes as well as elite athletes and olympic medal winners. All within our physiotherapy clinic.


Damage to the back may result in a variety of symptoms including pain, numbness, swelling, bruising, stiffness or weakness. During your appointment our physiotherapists will establish what structure had been damaged and how badly it was damaged. They will do this by assessing the injured area. This is normally pain free and involves observation, hands on assessment and by performing certain tests. They will then tell you the diagnosis. The spine is a complicated area of the body hence a detailed assessment is important. Common injuries to the spine include whiplash and mechanical pain.


After the diagnosis and answering any relevant questions you may have, treatment will begin. Treatment is normally pain free and can involve the following:


  • Manual therapy: This is the fancy term for hands on treatment. Including joint mobilisations or manipulations and soft tissue techniques such as massage. With spinal pain it is important to desensitise the tissue.

  • Exercise rehabilitation: Aiming to strengthen, mobilise, and stretch specific areas. With back pain exercise such as pilates may be recommended.

  • Movement analysis and correction: To improve alignment, adress movement patterns, reduce the load on sensitive tissues, and improve performance.

  • Education and advice: By giving you additional advice on the injury we can maximise how your body recovers from your injury. It also allows you to understand and take part in your recovery. We will adress any specific goals you have and the best way to achieve them.  With back / neck pain medications and posture advice will be discussed along with other guidance.

If you are suffering with a back injury why not get in touch and get better, faster. Our Physiotherapists will help you get quickly on the road to recovery.


Our physiotherapists are registered with and regulated by the HCPC (Health and Care Professions Council) and the CSP (Chartered Society of Physiotherapy). This means the treatment we provide is evidence based and aligns with current medical recommendations and research. Our clinicians have vast experience within the private sector as well as National Health Service. If looking for Physiotherapy book your appointment now. 


Why visit our clinic?

  • We have the best physiotherapy facilities including an elite gym, receptionists, cafe, car parking and air conditioned rooms.

  • Your appointment is with the clinic directors not an employee, hence you know you are receiving the best service.

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