Back Pain Treatment in Peterborough

What Causes Back Pain?

Back pain can arise as a result of a specific injury, poor posture or as a result of an accumulation of bad habits on your spine. It can also be a sign of dangerous conditions which is why early treatment is critical. 


Physiotherapy is the most proven way to manage back pain. Our expert clinicians are able to assess, diagnose and treat your back pain. There are many treatments available but you will receive hands on therapy, advice and an individual exercise plan in every consultation. This will reduce your pain, increase your flexibility and strength. All to get you back doing your usual activities.

Clear Diagnosis

We pride ourselves in giving you a clear diagnosis of what is causing your back pain. Once this is understood it makes treating the problem far easier. We focus on treating the cause of the condition which will lead to improved symptoms. 

Causes Of Back Pain

Disc Problems


Muscle Tightness


Spinal Stenosis

Dangerous Pathology

Self Management

People with back pain often make simple mistakes in managing their condition. This is likely as a result of common myths such as not moving your spine. Other ideas such as foam rolling and medications can often do more harm than good. Our physiotherapists can help guide you on proper self management. 

What Does This Mean?

Patient wellbeing and satisfaction is out number one priority. This means our physiotherapists will provide you with the highest quality of care. We have a wide range of contacts at local GP surgeries and with surgeons should we need to refer on. You can take charge of your back pain and Showler Physiotherapy is the place to start this journey.

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Why Choose Showler Physiotherapy For Your Back Pain?

Trusted For Over 20 Years

We have operated for over 20 years and have grown due to our unbeatable customer service.

Chartered Clinicians and Fully Insured

All of our clinicians have CSP and HCPC status making them highly qualified and insured to assess and treat you. This means you are in safe hands.

Exceptional Outcomes

We get results. We work with our patients giving them clear diagnosis and setting clear treatment goals to get great outcomes.