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Helping You Move Forward

We help the people of Derby become more active and restore freedom of movement...

About Showler Physiotherapy

Showler Physiotherapy was founded in 1997 and now has three clinics. Our Derby Physiotherapy clinic offers a selection of specialist physio services including treatment for knee pain, back pain, shoulder pain as well as sports injuries.

Prior to visiting Showler Physiotherapy, often patients were hoping that time will naturally alleviate their discomfort. However, when the pain persists, becoming more chronic, questions about future health arise. Have you ever found yourself asking the following questions:

  • "Why am I experiencing this pain?"

  • "Will this pain be a permanent fixture in my life?"

  • "What steps can I take to recover?"

We understand that waiting weeks for an appointment with a GP, only to be advised to rest, take pain relief, or accept it as an age-related condition, isn't the answer. Furthermore, we understand that when your passion for running, going to the gym etc is stopped from persistent pain, it can seriously impact your mood..

Before discovering Showler Physiotherapy many of our patients began with perhaps apprehension, uncertainty, and skepticism regarding physiotherapy. This skepticism often stems from a prior negative experience with other physiotherapists.

Does this resonate with you? If it does, you're not alone. Here are some avenues our patients frequently explore before seeking our guidance:

  • Enduring prolonged waits (even months) to see a GP, NHS physiotherapist, or surgeon

  • Attending repeated GP visits without a clear diagnosis or signs of improvement

  • Experimenting with pain relief and rest 

  • Attempting exercises from online sources or friends and family, perhaps providing some short-term relief

  • Exploring temporary solutions like massages, acupuncture, and other treatments, with pain returning shortly after

  • Investing in new mattresses or office chairs, seeing negligible impact on pain levels

The trouble with all of these solutions is; without finding out the root cause of your specific problem, you won’t see the long term benefits. If you have tried any of these things and are tired of not getting better then we would love to hear your story.


If you're seeking a physiotherapist in Derby, don't hesitate to reach out to us. Simply tap below to get in touch.

Over the phone, one of our physios can hear your story, and from there we can give you some straight, honest advice about what options you have.​ There will be no obligations for you to book an appointment and its purely to offer you our professional opinion.




Physiotherapy prices:


New patient physiotherapy appointment (40 minutes) : £55

Follow-up physiotherapy appointment (30 minutes): £50

Sports massage (30 minutes): £40

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get to Showler Physiotherapy Derby?

Showler Physiotherapy Derby is located within Santino's Gym which is just outside of the city centre on Great Northern Road near Lidl. At our physio clinic on street parking is available directly outside Santino's Gym. Parking is 60p per hour or free after 6pm. Once at the gym enter the door, take a seat and your clinician will come and meet you. The physiotherapy clinic has stairs up to the clinic room.

Why should I see a private Physiotherapist?

There are many benefits of private physiotherapy treatment in Derby. You are able to book an appointment online within a few days with no waiting lists and no referral required from your GP. At Showler Physiotherapy your appointment will be with a specialist clinician with over five years experience. You are then able to have follow-up appointments as frequently or infrequently as you wish without any waiting lists. You will also be given an individualised home exercise programme to continue your recovery at home.  

What to wear to your Physiotherapy appointment?

You should wear comfterble clothing that you can move in during assessment. You can get changed at the clinic if coming straight from work.

Do I need a referral to book a physiotherapy appointment? 

No. You can book an appointment now or contact us without any referral necessary.

Can a Physiotherapist treat back or neck pain?

Yes. Physiotherapy is the first line of treatment for musculoskeletal conditions including back and neck pain. Our treatment is evidence based to ensure you get the fastest recovery possible. Treatment will involve hands on treatment to reduce pain, increase movement and get you back to full fitness as quickly as possible. We will also advise preventative strategies to prevent your pain from returning in the future. 

Can a Physiotherapist treat arthritis?

At our Derby physiotherapy clinic we treat many clients with arthritis. Physiotherapy can help reduce joint stiffness and increase muscle strength to improve walking and overall function.

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