Musculoskeletal Treatment in Peterborough

A musculoskeletal injury is a problem which affects your muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints or bones. It is also referred to as orthopaedics. At Showler Physiotherapy we specialise in this kind of injury having treated them for over 20 years. We regularly attend medical conferences to advance our knowledge and learn about breakthrough research that we use in our sessions. 

Physiotherapy involves first diagnosing your issue. To diagnose your condition the physiotherapist will perform a thorough assessment by talking to you then analysing your body and body movement. After a diagnosis is found they will discuss your condition with you and begin treatment with your consent. Treatment can vary but each appointment will involve a combination of hands on treatment, advice and a specific exercise programme. 

Musculoskeletal Problems We Treat

Muscle Strains

Knee Pains

Back Pains

Achilles Problems

Shin Splints

Runners Knee

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Why Choose Showler Physiotherapy For Your Musculoskeletal Problem?

Trusted For Over 20 Years

We have operated for over 20 years and have grown due to our unbeatable customer service.

Chartered Clinicians and Fully Insured

All of our clinicians have CSP and HCPC status making them highly qualified and insured to assess and treat you. This means you are in safe hands.

Exceptional Outcomes

We get results. We work with our patients giving them clear diagnosis and setting clear treatment goals to get great outcomes.