Patient Stories

All of our patient names and stories are documented with their consent.

Lucy Arnold

'I first heard about in Jake in 2019 from a friend who he treated. I was struggling with my ongoing neck pain after being involved in a car crash. I was struggling to play golf. I was given medications by my GP but these did not help so I book an appointment with Jake. He was very pleasant when I met him and I felt in safe hands immediately. He asked me questions about my injury and let me talk about how it impacted me. After this he had a look at my neck and did a physiotherapy assessment. He told me I had whiplash of the neck and the soft tissues and muscles were strained.

He used many treatments on my neck including some massage, acupuncture then gave me a specific plan to follow. I saw Jake 3 times in total for the neck and by the end I was able to play golf once again and the pain had completely gone.

The neck is healed but I see Jake for a massage every month or so to keep my body loose and pain free. I will use Showler Physiotherapy in future for any other injuries I develop.'

Thanks Lucy!

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Tom Carter

A few years ago I ruptured my achilles in a skiing accident in France. I had an operation back in the UK to fix it but struggled with my walking after and I had to use crutches. I contacted Showler Physiotherapy and saw Paul at the clinic. The rehab took a couple of months because it is such a serious injury. By the end of my treatment I was no longer using the crutches and had started some gentle jogging, something I never though I would be able to do again.

The clinic was very clean and had a lovely waiting area. I had many questions about my injury and still drop Paul the occasional text to let him know how I am getting on.

Thanks Tom!

Tracy Lewis

I have known the Showler's for many years at the golf club. I hurt my back at a golf event in 2010. Following this my back did not move effectively so I struggled to swing the golf club properly which caused my game to worsen. I saw Paul on 2 occasions and my back moved much further after treatment. The joint manipulation treatment helped along with the other techniques. Members of my family have also seen them on occasion with injuries and pains. I highly recommend them. 

Thanks Tracy!

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