5 Common Running Myths

With an ever growing number of Peterborough residents taking up running as a hobby we though we would identify some common myths surrounding running.

#1 You Should Always Stretch Prior To Running

Whilst a common belief there is no evidence supporting the benefit of static stretching prior to running or any dynamic sport. In face some research has suggested static stretches can actually decrease running performance (Wilson et al. 2010). Modern athletes tend to use a range of dynamic stretches which has been shown to improve performance.

#2 Gait analysis

Many running shoe shops suggest runners should have gait analysis prior to buying running shoes as it can help prevent injury and improve performance. This is simply not true and is not supported by any credible evidence. It is true that gait analysis can help identify biomechanical deficiencies but this should not impact your decision on what shoe to purchase.

#3 Under and over pronating

Our feet have natural variations and some people are under pronators whilst others are over pronators. Even elite athletes have this variance. So when buying a new running shoe, pick one that you feels comfy and supportive rather than spending excessive amounts to get a shoe that supposedly helps this issue.

#4 Running is bad for your knees

Another common myth that running can lead to knee issues such as osteoarthritis. The truth could not be any further from the opposite. Leading a health active lifestyle helps maintain our joints and keep them lubricated to help prevent conditions such as osteoarthritis. People with low activity levels are at higher risk of developing knee conditions in later life.

#5 I am not fit enough to run

Beginner runners should follow a simple training plan. This plan should involve long walks within the periods of short runs. Many novices run far too quickly. You should usually run at a pace in which you could maintain a conversation, even if this is only slightly faster than a walk. Your running should be enjoyable and not make you excessively exert yourself.

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