Foam Rolling – Top 5 Questions and Myths

Wondering if you should start foam rolling? It is commonly advised post exercise to help reduce delayed onset of muscle soreness (DOMS). As well as other reasons including increasing flexibility. Read below to learn 5 benefits and common myths surround foam rolling. This will allow you to make a judgement if you should be foam rolling based on our experience at our physiotherapy clinic in Peterborough.

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But is it worth the pain?

1. Does foam rolling reduce muscle soreness?

This is a common question asked by our Peterborough clients. There is evidence to support foam rolling reducing muscle soreness in the short term, especially post exercise. When you look medium term (over a week+) there is less evidence to support it. The fact is if it feels like it works for you then go ahead.

2. Is there a correct technique for foam rolling?

Foam rolling works by putting pressure on the muscles to achieve the desired effects. You may choose to roll up and down the muscle or simply stay in one place. There are recommended ways of using a foam roller but you should decide which way feels best for you.

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3. How much should I spend on a foam roller?

They can range from single all the way to triple digits. We feel budget options are sufficient and produce very similar outcomes. The one we personally use was from a well-known budget sports shop and cost £8. Some market themselves as being ‘softer’ or ‘harder’, we feel somewhere in between is the best option. Too soft and it will not pressure the muscles, too hard and it will be painful to use. It’s a similar story for choosing a flat or indented roller. It is more personal preference. Our physiotherapy clinic does not sell them but we can recommend certain ones if you contact us.

4. Does foam rolling improve muscle performance?

Whilst foam rolling has been shown to offer some benefits to recovery. There is no evidence to support foam rolling before activity will improve performance. Likewise foam rolling long term will not improve sporting performance.


5. Can I damage myself foam rolling?

There have been very few reported cases of injury, although like any form of movement you straining muscles if done too aggressively. Make sure you have plenty of space and no one could trip over you. If you are in any doubt you should check with a health care professional.

Is foam rolling worth it?

Overall foam rolling is inexpensive with many benefits with little drawbacks. It is a good idea to incorporate foam rolling into your exercise regime; this could be after a long run or workout or simply after a long day at work. It should always be incorporated with other forms of recovery.

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