How to Reduce Back Pain at Home

In this post you will learn the top 5 ways to help reduce and manage back pain from your own home which we have found treating patients within Peterborough.

Gentle exercises, heat therapy, increasing your activity levels, sleep quality and body position can all have a large effect on your back pain. You can learn more about each of these concepts below. You should always seek medical advice to check your back pain is not dangerous, click here for an example from the past year.

1. Gentle Exercises

You should experiment with simple exercises that feel good for your back. These can be performed sat at your desk, lying in bed or in a chair. Whilst no single exercise will fix your pain, getting into a good routine of exercises to help your movement is a great idea. See the chart below for examples. Getting into a daily routine of completing them will help your back. You may be able to complete some of them at work.

Back Pain Exercises

2. Heat Therapy

By using something warm such as a hot water bottle, wheat bag or warm bath it can encourage nerve fibres to desensitise to reduce pain. This is a great, cheap method that can again be performed readily through the day. Hot water bottles can be bought online or in plenty of local Peterborough shops.

Physiotherapy Peterborough

3. Increasing Activity Levels

If you have low activity levels you are more at risk of developing back pain. Simple ways of increasing your activity levels include going for a walk at lunchtime, completing 10 minutes of yoga prior to sleep or completing 5 squats every time you make a coffee. These changes will also improve your overall health reducing the risk of cardiac issues, obesity and arthritis. Small changes in your activity levels can have a large effect on your health. Peterborough has plenty of green areas you can go have a walk to help.

4. Sleep Quality

Your body will recover through sleeping. If you are not getting good quantity and quality of sleep you may take longer to recover from a back injury. Try to avoid going on your phone or checking social media 30 minutes before sleep and read a book instead to get off to sleep with ease. See other simple ideas below.

Sleep Tips

5. Body Position

Everyone has a unique posture and it is very difficult to change this. Instead of attempting to change your posture, instead make sure you are not sitting / standing in the same position for prolonged periods. This will help avoid certain muscle groups becoming tight which can lead to pain. Our body is built to move regularly as this keeps the joints lubricated and flexible.

Overall back pain is something which can be managed independently once you have seen a medical professional to rule out anything dangerous. The above tips are a great way to reduce your pain. You may also wish to explore these great resources by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy.

If you are concerned it may be something dangerous or it has not responded to the above ideas, contact us now to see how we can help your back.

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