Physiotherapy Services

Back Massage

Back and neck pain

We specialise in diagnosing and treating back and neck pains for new problems and chronic issues. We will also educate you on how to prevent your back pain returning.

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Joint and muscle injury

Our expert physiotherapists have vast experience treating joint and muscular injuries having worked in elite sport.

Yoga Pose

Postural correction

Improving posture can help manage pain whilst increasing confidence. We are specialists in spinal alignment. 


Ultrasound and electrotherapy

We may use ultrasound and electrotherapy as part of your treatment package to help promote tissue healing and speed up your recovery.


Massage and sports massage

We have many clients attend our clinics for specialist massage as well as sports massage. Many patients choose this after events such as marathons. 

Home visits

Some patients prefer to have a physiotherapist visit their home. We can provide this for an additional cost. Call us for further information.

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