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Home Visit Physiotherapy Peterborough, Stamford and Derby

Stay independent with a specialist physiotherapy home visit

Home Visit Physiotherapy

We are able to offer home visit physiotherapy within Peterborough, Stamford and Derby. For clients struggling to travel to our physiotherapy clinics, we are able to travel to your house, flat or care home. Here we can provide local physiotherapy for pain, balance, mobility and confidence. Home visit physiotherapy can help facilitate recovery and reduce frailty, to make you more independent. To arrange a home visiting physiotherapist appointment please contact us to arrange. We are able to offer physiotherapy home visits to people in the local area including Peterborough, Stamford and Derby. Whether you are wanting help recovering after an operation or to walk to the shops we can help by building your strength and confidence.

Why have a Physiotherapy Home Visit?

Home visit physiotherapist appointments are especially suitable for you if:

  • You have recently left hospital and have lost strength and mobility.

  • Are unable to travel to our clinic. 

  • Have recently had surgery including knee or hip replacements.

  • Struggle with your mobility and walking.

  • Are having falls at home and have lost balance.

What does Home Visit Physiotherapy Include?

The home visit physiotherapist will undertake a full assessment of your condition. To start with the physiotherapist will ask questions about your problems to figure out how we can help. They may then assess your muscles and joints by looking at home they move. Our physiotherapist will then formulate a specific treatment plan to fit your needs, ability and lifestyle. This may include the use of manual therapies, or a bespoke exercise program and will also include advice on how best to manage your condition at home.

Other Home Visit Physiotherapy Questions:

Do I need a referral from my GP?  No. Just contact us directly.

How much does a home visit physiotherapy appointment cost? Our home visit physiotherapy appointments cost £85 in total for new patients and follow ups. No hidden fees. 

How long does an appointment last? Appointments will last around 45 minutes including assessment and treatment. 

Is there a waiting list? No. We see most clients within a few days of the enquiery.

What areas do you cover? We cover areas including Peterborough, Stamford and Derby. Contact us for further details.

Benefits of Home Visit Physiotherapy in Peterborough, Stamford and Derby Include:

Convenient and fast treatment for those unable to travel.

Expert assessment and treatment by our team.

Flexible appointments to work around you.

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