Physiotherapy Home Visits in Peterborough

For physiotherapy home visits in Peterborough and surrounding areas contact us. Many of our patients struggle to travel to our clinic or prefer the convenience of the physiotherapist traveling to them at home or work. Physiotherapy home visits are useful if you are in severe pain or struggling with your mobility due to your condition. 


We work closely with many Parkinson’s and stroke patient who find home physiotherapy works very well for them. Patients who have recently had orthopaedic surgery including joint replacements or spinal surgery also benefit from this service. This service is also useful for older patients who may be worried about falling in their home.


At your home visit the physiotherapist will follow the usual treatment structure including hands on therapy, advice and a specific exercise programme to follow.

What Happens at a Home Visit

A home visit is very similar to a clinic visit. All we need is a small place to set up our treatment table (2m x 0.5m) and a plug socket close by. From here we will complete the same assessments and treatments we would in clinic. 

When is a Home Visit Suitable?

Muscle Strains

Knee Pains

Achilles Problems

Shin Splints

Confetti Transparent

Why Choose Showler Physiotherapy For Your Home Visit?

Trusted For Over 20 Years

We have operated for over 20 years and have grown due to our unbeatable customer service.

Chartered Clinicians and Fully Insured

All of our clinicians have CSP and HCPC status making them highly qualified and insured to assess and treat you. This means you are in safe hands.

Exceptional Outcomes

We get results. We work with our patients giving them clear diagnosis and setting clear treatment goals to get great outcomes.